Hochvolt-Verbindungsstecker und Hochvolt-Leitungen nach LV214 und LV216

High-voltage connecting plugs and high-voltage-power lines in accordance with LV214 and LV216

The mobile market is in motion. Electric engines and hybrid propulsions are setting the standards of the future. Outside of the major production sites, it is especially the commercial vehicle sector that is starting to shift to electric powertrains and commencing with the retrofitting of existing vehicle lines where possible. For this reason, high-voltage power lines with a performance requirement of greater than 12 KW are becoming increasingly more important for electrical drive trains. The voltage level and the transferable flow are subdivided into the corresponding power classes. 600 volt and 250 ampere are commonly used in the passenger vehicle industry and up to 600 ampere when it comes to commercial vehicles.

specialised in high-voltage plug connectors and high-voltage-power lines

in-Tec Bensheim is specialised in high-voltage plug connectors and high-voltage-power lines in accordance with the VDA standard. It transmits the corresponding currents safely and masters the applied voltages. In this regard, an appropriate shielding prevents electromagnetic radiation (EMC). The complex systems are subjected to great thermal and mechanical strains and have to be temperature-, weather- as well as age-resistant.

Assistance for developing individual solutions for high-voltage connections

The production of safe high-voltage cabling concepts is a challenge that calls for a high level of experience. In addition to this, specific requirements that are to be satisfied by plug connectors and power lines are also defined in the LV214, LV215 and LV216 delivery specifications of the German automobile manufacturers. The requirements for the North-American market are stipulated in US-Car 2 and US-Car 37. With in-depth knowledge and extensive expertise, in-Tec Bensheim assists partners from the mobile industry in developing individual solutions for high-voltage connections.

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Partner for significant and small requirements in the field of high-voltage cable manufacturing

Low volume high mix: the manufacturing of prototypes in small quantities of up to 50 pieces is just as much a part of our daily in-Tec Bensheim business as is serial manufacturing in large quantities. In addition to this, individual solutions are also developed in cooperation with the customer when no samples are available yet.

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Equipment that can satisfy high-voltage demands

in-Tec Bensheim has the corresponding equipment that is needed to guarantee the development, production and monitoring, so as to be in compliance with the VDA standard. For applications such as, e.g. a 3-stage power train or a two-pole battery bank, we have accessories for conductor sizes of 25, 35, 50, 70 and 95 square millimetres, as well as the application for curtain drilling.  For the on-board charging cable and for peripheral devices, cross-sections of 2.5 to 6 square millimetres are possible.

We work on two pressing systems: a hydraulic press (HV crimp press), with a capacity of up to 15 tons, and an eccentric press with 20 tons of pressing power. This equipment also allows grouting with the corresponding crimp matrices of 120 to 400 square millimetres, for – to the largest extent - unshielded power lines. In this regard, the tool geometry covers the following forms: hexagonal, semi-circle with dimple and WM.

The high-voltage assembly components can be executed as a one-sided, so-called pigtail version or as a complete both-sided version – also with varying plugging systems. Versions with pilot contacts, the so-called high-voltage interlock, can be equipped with customer-specific power lines and terminals, both in inliners as well as in headers.

Last, but not least, the high-voltage components are tested with a fully-automated high-voltage tester with 2650 VAC/3750 VDC.

Off-Highway Electrification

Electro and hybrid propulsions are the future of off-road vehicles: the automotive industry is already working at full steam to develop solutions that are targeted at adjusting the electrical infrastructure of construction machines such as dump trucks, haulers or excavators, vans and trucks. Also in the agriculture sector, the future focus shall be on electrically-operated agricultural machinery such as tractors or harvesting machines. Here, in-Tec Bensheim supports you in finding the optimal solution for the cabling of high-voltage systems. 

Transportation vehicles

Buses, heavy goods vehicles, vans or baggage tug drivers: The development, which is already well underway in the mass passenger transport sector, is also making headway in other market segments involving transportation vehicles. Increasingly, hybrid or electric engines are deployed. Quick charging stations ensure that the vehicles are already charged to 80% of their capacity within a few minutes. in-Tec Bensheim ensures the right connection for commercial vehicle series also outside of the major production lines. 

Industry machines

The advantage of electric mobility, especially when it comes to industry machines deployed for municipal purposes are clear: all-purpose vehicles or street sweepers are significantly quieter in operation than diesel-operated vehicles. Still to be added to this is the “zero emission” aspect at the place of use. This holds true in particular in cities with high nitrogen oxide levels and high levels of particulate matter such as, e.g. Stuttgart. But industry machines such as forklifts that are used in production facilities also benefit from electrification: a hybrid or electric drive increases efficiency while simultaneously reducing costs. In-Tec Bensheim supports you in the development stage with regard to the selection of the right high-voltage cabling components.

Ships and Airplanes

Concepts for electrically-powered inland waterway vessels, ferryboats, tugboats or yachts have already gotten off the ground and are being implemented successfully. Equally, increasing attention is paid to research and development of resource-friendly aviation means. First airplanes equipped with an electric engine have already taken to the skies and passed the test with flying colours. in-Tec Bensheim also provides the right expertise when it comes to electrification in shipping and aviation, supporting you in determining the right high-voltage plug connectors and power lines. 

Our portfolio for your high-voltage connection

in-Tec Bensheim plans, documents and produces your plug connectors. In the following, you can see the systems we use for your components. Power lines of other manufacturers are used to the extent that they have been validated for a plug system. Find out more during a conversation in person. The selection of the power lines ensues in accordance with the environmental conditions and the requirements posed there. As warehouse goods, we can offer power lines from the following manufacturers: Coroplast, which corresponds with the requirements stipulated in LV216-2 and Huber and Suhner Radox 155 S FLR, also for the American market.

HVA 280

2 and 3 pole; up to 36 A and 850 V; -40° C up to 140° C; 360° shielded; 2,5 mm² up to 4 mm²; protection class: IP67 / IP6k9k

HVA 630

2 and 5 pole; up to 36 A and 850 V; -40° C up to 140°; C 360° shielded; 4 mm² up to 6 mm²; protection class: IP67 / IP6k9k

HVP 800

Execution: 90° and 180° 2 and 3 pole; up to 250 A and 1000 V; -40° C up to 140° C; 360° shielded; 16 mm² up to 50 mm²; protection class: IP67 / IP6k9k


1,2 and 3 pole; up to 250 A and 850 V; -40° C up to 140° C; 360° shielded; 16 mm² up to 50 mm²; protection class: IP67 / IP6k9k

HVP 1100

Execution: 90° 1 pole; up to 320 A and 750 VDC; -40° C up to 125° C; 360° shielded; 35 mm² up to 95 mm²; protection class: IP67 / IP6k9k

In addition, plug systems from other manufacturers are possible.

Pioneer for your high-voltage solution

In-depth know-how and many years of expertise provide the essential foundation for the development and production of high-voltage-plug connectors. Walter Müller is the head of the development team at in-Tec Bensheim. With more than 20-years of experience in the cable assembly industry in a variety of different industry groups such as automotive, industry and medicine, he accompanies the projects at in-Tec Bensheim.

At TE Connectivity, he specialised in the cabling of high-voltage systems.
Walter Müller develops solutions for the high-voltage connection technology of your vehicle and determines the right components. Simply arrange an appointment with him and outline what it is you are hoping to achieve – he will guide your plan to its destination.

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We ensure the right high-voltage plug connection

The following options present pigtail connections that can be delivered at short notice. Generally speaking, we are able to produce all forms of high-voltage connecting plugs and high-voltage power lines. Please feel free to contact us. For this, you can fill out the form, in which you can briefly describe your requirements. We will contact you promptly. 

Kindly note that a validation still has to be executed for the connector cable systems that have been marked with a *.

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With two decades of practice in component manufacturing, cable confection and the production of ready-to-install parts, we have acquired in-depth knowledge. This places us in a position to assist develop engineers and provide farsighted input with regard to the optimisation or development of products or product varieties. We conduct tests and offer expert feedback. In this constructive cooperation, in-Tec Bensheim provides an important contribution in stimulating processes.

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