Prototype construction for the
High-voltage electrical system

The pioneer for your
High-voltage vehicle components

Prototype construction for the
High-voltage electrical system

The pioneer for your
High-voltage vehicle components

From the idea to implementation: prototypes for electromobility

You need high-quality components for electric vehicles and a partner for prototype construction for the high-voltage electrical system. We support you in your project for the electrification of all types of vehicles. Whether you need prototypes for power distribution units (PDUs), breakout boxes or other specialised high-voltage components - we have the expertise and experience to turn your ideas into reality. Find out more about our comprehensive prototyping service and how we can support you on your way to series production. Discover how we can turn your innovative ideas into reality with our expertise.

Topic Areas

Developments for a green future

  • Energy efficiency: The focus is on developing components that optimise energy consumption and thus maximise the range of the vehicles.
  • Safety: We pay particular attention to safety aspects, especially with regard to high-voltage technology.
  • Sustainability: We strive for solutions that are not only efficient but also environmentally friendly.
  • Smart technologies: Considering the rapid progress in the digital world, we focus on the integration of smart systems in the high-voltage vehicles.
  • Scalability: If necessary, we develop our solutions in a scalable way to support future development and expansion.

Prototype construction: your specialist in the essential phase for high-voltage vehicle components

Prototyping is an essential phase in the development of new components for high-voltage vehicles. This is where the visions of engineers and designers begin to take shape. The ability to react quickly and flexibly to requirements is of great importance. We accompany companies as well as suppliers from the automotive and commercial vehicle industry in the development of solutions for the high-voltage electrical system sector.
Find out how we can implement your projects efficiently, quickly and successfully through our expertise and our understanding of your needs.
Thanks to a lean organisational structure and short decision-making paths, customised solutions for your project can be offered quickly. It doesn't matter whether it's individual parts or series production - the goal is always to realise the ideal prototype for every project.

HV PDUs according to your requirements

Our service enables the individual design of high-voltage power distribution units (HV-PDUs) that are precisely tailored to your needs. You benefit from DC fuses up to 600A and the integration of HV relays as well as an LV interface. Furthermore, there is the option to integrate a DC-DC converter.

With regard to the enclosure, we are able to adapt to a wide variety of shapes in order to react flexibly to your requirements. Of course, all our products are EMC-protected and offer IP67 waterproofing.

Optimum safety is ensured by our Active Discharge function, while the integrated insulation monitoring ensures that your HV PDU always remains at the highest performance level.

Prototypes for electric shipping

Our company is ready to meet your prototyping challenges. Our expertise spans a variety of industries. Whether you need high-precision components for high-voltage vehicles or you're looking for sustainable, zero-emission solutions in the marine sector, we manufacture the prototypes you need for electric shipping.

Why is prototyping important?

Prototyping is crucial for the development of efficient, high-quality components for e-mobility projects.

Prototypenbau für ddas Hochvolt-Bordnetz

Experienced experts in prototyping

The team of experts consists of highly qualified professionals who have many years of experience and extensive knowledge in the field of prototyping. They help select the best materials for each project and always find the best methods to turn ideas into working prototypes.
We have had special know-how in the field of e-mobility since 2012, which is why we can offer valuable support and advice in both the design and development of prototypes. Do you have an exciting project in mind? Don't hesitate to get in touch and let your visions become reality!

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