High-voltage on-board network

We create safe and future-oriented
connections in vehicles

High-voltage on-board network

We create safe and future-oriented connections in vehicles

High-voltage electrical system in electric cars

The high-voltage on-board network is complex and the distribution of power in the vehicle electrical system requires specialist knowledge and experience. We support companies and suppliers from the automotive and commercial vehicle industries. Depending on the customer's requirements, we deliver the right result for secure connections in the vehicle network. The in-Tec Bensheim team takes care of the greatest possible security and the distribution of energy with low losses.

Topic Areas

Our services high-voltage on-board network

We offer solutions that convince and support your company where it is needed. Our services for all aspects of the high-voltage on-board network at a glance:

  • Concepts for HV cabling in electric vehicles
  • Assembly of HV cabling
  • PDU - Power Distribution Unit for high-voltage use
  • Production of on-board charger lines
  • Manufacture of battery module connectors
  • Measurement boxes (BreakOut boxes) for the high-voltage area
Here on our website you will find further details on the solutions for all aspects of the high-voltage on-board network.
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What is the high-voltage electrical system?

High voltage is meant when systems in motor vehicles are operated above 25V AC / 60V DC. The system components in the vehicle electrical system must work in the specified voltage range in every driving situation.There are numerous security requirements to be observed. Factors such as contact protection, mechanics and installation guidelines play decisive roles in the operation of the HV on-board network.

All components in an electric vehicle and their interconnection make up the high-voltage on-board network. On-board network components are, for example:
  • Plug
  • Cable
  • Battery
  • PDU
  • Breakout Box
  • On-board charger
Hochvolt Bordnetz im Elektroauto

High-voltage on-board network - Partner for power distributors and components

In-Tec Bensheim is characterized by development and manufacturing expertise. We deliver a tailor-made solution for high-voltage environments in vehicles. We develop, manufacture and deliver high-voltage electrical systems for our customers. Each customer receives individual advice and support. We design and manufacture and concept electrical systems and components not only for purely electric vehicles. Secure our competence also for hydrogen fuel cell drives and fuel cell vehicles.
Customized electrical systems - our mission. We are happy to meet your requirements for the high-voltage on-board network.
Send us your non-binding inquiry! in-Tec Bensheim - family company for assembly and production since 1996.

Equipment for working in the high-voltage electrical system

Various test options are available to us for quality assurance of the high-voltage connections and components. The fully automatic high-voltage tester with 2650 VAC / 3750 VDC and the single test station up to 6 KV AC for prototype development. The HV components are checked in accordance with delivery specification 123. Regular process audits by our partners examine our manufacturing processes for the necessary smoothness and efficiency.

The high-voltage cable assembly requires precision and strength. The machine park optimally supports our specialists.
  • For applications (drive train, battery train): Accessories for conductor sizes 25, 35, 50, 70, 95 and 120 square millimeters
  • Application for shield pressing
  • For the charging line and peripheral devices: cross-sections from 2.5 to 16 square millimeters
  • Hydraulic presses (HV crimp press) with a capacity of up to 15 tons and an eccentric press with 20 tons of pressing force.
  • Hand hydraulic tools depending on requirements

Cabling in the on-board network with branded products

Wiring in the wiring system with branded products
We focus on quality and care. We obtain plugs and cables from experienced manufacturers such as TE Connectivity, Huber & Suhner, Hirschmann, Amphenol and many others. We can offer our customers the best possible quality for every area of ​​application.

Connector manufacturer
We use products from TE Connectivity, Amphenol and Hirschmann for our tailor-made high-voltage solutions.
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Cable gland manufacturer
We use cable glands from AGRO for safe processes.
More about cable gland manufacturer ➞

Cable manufacturer
We trust in brand manufacturers such as Coroplast, Coficab, Helutherm, HEW Kabel, Huber + Suhner, Kromberg & Schubert and Silitherm.
We meet customer requirements
In addition, we can create almost any desired combination for high-voltage vehicle electrical systems, even if these are not explicitly listed on our manufacturer's website.

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