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in-Tec Bensheim

in-Tec Bensheim has been a partner for component assembly, cable assembly and production of high-quality components for companies in the medical technology, electrical engineering, mechanical engineering, and automotive industries since 1996.

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We have acquired in-depth knowledge in the course of two decades of practice. When it comes to optimising or developing products or product variants, this knowledge allows us to provide farsighted support to development engineers. We test prototypes and provide expert feedback. Within the context of this constructive interaction, in-Tec Bensheim facilitates improving the dynamics of processes.

A large number of our customers have already been cooperating with in-Tec Bensheim for many years. They place their trust in us and appreciate our in-depth experience and comprehensive expertise gained in the course of many years. We develop goals together in long-term partnerships, which we then pursue to attain mutual success.

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Production of assemblies and complete units

Producing assemblies or complete units are complex processes that require a high degree of experience. As a system supplier and contract manufacturer, in-Tec Bensheim has specialised in the assembly of electromechanical components such as relays, power supply units or connectors. We also include the production of ready-to-install, high-quality components such as sensors or circuit boards in our product range, which we manufacture for our customers as a certified production service provider.

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Cable assembly & cable harnesses

You will find them in all areas that use modern technology: cables transmit energy or signals to application devices. Depending on its respective area of application, each cable has its own individual requirements. Expert craftsmanship is required when it comes to the production of precision data, communication cables, shielded and unshielded cables, cable harnesses, multi-core special cables, or round and flat stranded wires. In the medical technology sector, we also process plug connection systems such as multi-couplings, quick-couplings or magnetic valve couplings.

We ensure the appropriate quality with crimp pull tests and microsection analyses.

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Media-carrying hose systems

We have been assembling air-, water- or other liquid-conducting hoses, including turbine hoses, engine hoses, air motor hoses or aspiration hoses for the dental or automotive industry since 1996. in-Tec Bensheim has cleanroom classes for particularly sensitive medical hoses, which minimise the risk of contamination during production processes. in-Tec Bensheim is certified in accordance with DIN EN ISO 13485:2016 and qualified to manufacture products for the medical technology industry.

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Carefree package

Apart from producing the assemblies and devices, we also assume responsibility for the development of products for our customers or provide expert consultation. Apart from this, if desired, we also take care of the material selection, material sourcing and stocking of your products. In addition, we offer:

  • Laser marking (HIBC-certified)
  • Skin packaging
  • Warehouse logistics
  • Individual testing procedures

Cooperation based on trust leads to success!