high-voltage cabling

Consultation and production
by specialists

high-voltage cabling

Consultation and production
by specialists

High-voltage cabling concepts for the electrification of drives

We are specialists in safe high-voltage cabling for the electrification of drives. in-Tec Bensheim advises, develops and produces. Find out about our services for companies in the automotive industry, for aviation and shipping, for transport and off-highway vehicles. Our team looks forward to your inquiry - contact us.
hochvoltkabel.de ➞ Concepts for HV cabling

Concepts for HV cabling

Which plugs are needed? And which cable diameters? in-Tec Bensheim will consult you on cabling, in addition to planning your high-voltage and low-voltage systems, including all the necessary components. We take the delivery specifications of the German car manufacturers LV214, LV215 as well as LV216 or US-Car 2 and US-Car 37, applicable for the North American market, into account.
hochvoltkabel.de ➞ High-voltage cable assembly

High-voltage cable assembly

Only the best for your project, even for small volumes: Low Volume High Mix. The production of prototypes in small volume of up to 50 pieces is just as much a part of in-Tec Bensheim's daily business as serial production in large volumes. We process components from well-known manufacturers. In a final step, the high-voltage assemblies are tested using a fully automatic high-voltage tester.
hochvoltkabel.de ➞ PDU – Power Distribution Units

Power Distribution Units

Safety and performance for your electric drive: To distribute high currents both safely and effectively, every electric or hybrid vehicle requires high-voltage power distribution. in-Tec Bensheim develops prototypes and assumes responsibility for the serial production of individual high-voltage power distribution units.
hochvoltkabel.de ➞ On-board charger cables

Production of on-board charger cables

You never need to worry, even when charging. in-Tec Bensheim produces individual, ready-to-use on-board charger cables. The cables connect the charging socket of the electric vehicle with the on-board charger module. in-Tec Bensheim assembles charging sockets of the "Type 2" and "Combo 2"(CCS) standards.
hochvoltkabel.de ➞ Manufacturing of high-voltage battery module connectors

High-voltage battery module connectors

in-Tec Bensheim ensures a simple and safe connection of your high-voltage storage modules. With our high-voltage connection cables, you require no mounting material. The connections are simply plugged onto the pin assembled on the battery module. A fuse prevents accidental disconnection of the connection.
hochvoltkabel.de ➞ High-voltage breakout boxes

Breakout boxes for the HV on-board network

When you would like to know exactly what happens in the system. Breakout boxes record current and voltage curves within the HV on-board network during operation. in-Tec Bensheim’s breakout boxes are fully assembled and can be put into operation immediately.

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