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Flexible cabling for your high-voltage project

Cable manufacturer high-voltage cabling

Flexible cabling for your high-voltage project

Selection of cables for your assembly in the high-voltage area

We use products from well-known manufacturers for high-voltage cabling. These include brand manufacturers such as Coroplast, Coficab, Helutherm, HEW Kabel, Huber + Suhner, Kromberg & Schubert and Silitherm. We can serve a wide range of cross-sections and requirements for the high-voltage on-board network.

Here you can see an extract of the products we use. In addition, we can create almost any desired combination, even if these are not explicitly listed on our manufacturer's website or in the high-voltage cable configurator. You are welcome to let us know your wishes for further product solutions directly. Feel free to contact us using the online form.
Cable manufacturer ➞ Coficab


Coficab develops and manufactures innovative high-voltage resistant cables for the automotive industry. In the field of e-mobility, electric drives in purely electric or hybrid vehicles require cables that can withstand high voltages. Coficab also produces cables for high-temperature areas in vehicles.

We use cables and wires with the following properties ...

Lines for e-mobility
  • Operating voltage up to 600 V AC / 1000 V DC
  • Operating temperatures up to 200 °C
  • High EMC requirements
  • Aluminum or copper conductors
  • Shielded or unshielded
  • high flexibility and mechanical properties
  • high insulation resistance
Cable manufacturer ➞ Coroplast


Coroplast develops and produces innovative cables and wires for automotive and industry with its own brand "Coroflex". The Coroflex high-voltage cables meet all electrical, thermal and mechanical requirements to which, for example, cables in hybrid / electric vehicles are exposed to extreme current loads.

We use cables and wires with the following properties ...

Shielded copper high-voltage cables for hybrid and battery vehicles
  • Temperature class +180° C
  • up to 600 volts AC / 1,000 volts DC
  • safe insulation resistances
  • optimal sealing properties#
  • High-performance silicone
Cable manufacturer ➞ Helukabel


Helukabel is one of the leading manufacturers and suppliers of cables, wires and cable accessories for industry and infrastructure. With the diverse cable solutions, high demands placed on modern cables and lines, such as extreme mechanical and chemical loads or space-saving hybrid solutions, can be met.

We use cables and wires with the following properties ...

Temperature-resistant and halogen-free connection and control cable
  • Temperature range: flexing -35° C to + 120° C, stationary -55° C to + 145° C, in the event of a short circuit + 200° C
  • Nominal voltage: up to 1 mm² U0 / U 300/500 V, from 1.5 mm² U0 / U 450/750 V, with fixed and protected installation, from 1.5 mm² U0 / U 600/1000 V
  • no fire propagation
  • good abrasion and notch resistance
  • weather, ozone and fusion resistant
Cable manufacturer ➞ Huber+Suhner


Huber + Suhner manufactures, among other things, single wires, cables, hybrid cables and cable systems for demanding and special requirements such as high operating temperatures and confined spaces. The production includes space-saving, highly temperature-resistant and durable cables that function reliably even under extreme conditions and withstand high current loads.

We use cables and wires with the following properties ...

High voltage cables for hybrid and electric vehicles
  • Operating temperature range from -40° C to 150° C
  • Cross-sections from 2.5 to 70 mm²
  • robust cable construction
  • high thermal pressure resistance (high-performance cable)
  • high resistance to abrasion and flame spread
Cable manufacturer ➞ HEW Kabel

HEW Kabel

As an experienced, international cable manufacturer, HEW-KABEL develops and produces customer-specific special cables for industrial and automotive applications. The HEW special cables, such as high-voltage cables for hybrid technology, are characterized by their long service life, high flexibility and thermal stability at extreme temperatures.

We use cables and wires with the following properties ...

Cable for demanding environments
such as high-voltage technology for electric and hybrid vehicles
  • Cross section 70 mm²
  • More information will follow shortly
Cable manufacturer ➞ Krombert & Schubert

Kromberg & Schubert

Kromberg & Schubert is a well-known producer and developer of high quality standard, special and high-end cables from the automotive and industrial sectors for a wide variety of applications. The Kroschu cables are particularly characterized by their high performance, long-term reliability and optimal processing properties.

We use cables and wires with the following properties ...

  • Cable shielded with the cross-sections 2x4mm² and 2x0.5mm²
  • Temperature range of the HV cables: 40 to + 180° C (3000 h)
    also up to + 150° C (3000 h), + 125° C and + 150° C (3000 h)
Cable manufacturer ➞ Silitherm / Leoni

Silitherm / Leoni

Silitherm / LEONI has specialized in the production of silicone-extruded cables in the field of standard and special cables in silicone, using the most modern technologies and extensive know-how. The production includes, among other things, special electrical wires insulated with silicone rubber, which are especially suitable for high temperatures.

We use cables and wires with the following properties ...

  • Shielded cable with a cross-section of 2x4mm²
  • further cross-sections: 50 mm² and 70 mm²
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