Electrific shipping

Retrofitting and equipping
ships with electric drives

Electric shipping

Retrofitting and equipping ships with electric drives

We are partners for the electrification of shipping

E-mobility is the future course in shipping. Ships, ferries, tugs and yachts will use alternative systems in the coming years. In order to achieve the International Maritime Organization's (IMO) goal of reducing CO2 emissions caused by shipping by at least 50 percent by 2050 compared to 2008, companies need innovative ideas and competent partners for marine propulsion systems. With the high-voltage solutions for the maritime sector from in-Tec Bensheim, yachts and hybrid sailors and other electric ships can safely set sail.

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These are the programmes and measures currently being developed by the IMO's Environment Committee (MEPC) to achieve the emissions target for shipping:

Information about the Initial IMO GHG Strategy

We offer competences
for "green shipping“

The time is green for shipping. Ships with combustion engines are no longer allowed to enter some "Restricted Areas". This means new challenges for the shipbuilding industry, and private ship owners are also increasingly considering electric and hybrid engines.

We are happy to provide support and make ships ready for the green future.

Competences for green shipping

What services do we offer?

To realise maritime projects, we work with experienced partners and suppliers, e.g. to supply the necessary technology for electric ship propulsion systems. For some complex requirements, especially in the cabling and connection of the various components, our specialists are in close contact with the experienced engineers of the in-Tec Project & Competence Center.

  • High-voltage cabling concepts for the electrification of boats and ships
  • Integration of fuel cell systems and hybrid drives
  • Planning and implementation of the distribution of high voltage in the high-voltage cable system to all relevant components and electrical consumers Construction
  • Development or design of components and systems
  • Wiring and connection of the various components of the drive train
  • Manufacturing of own and customer-specific Power Distribution Units (PDUs)

Which ships do we bring into the electrified future?

  • Yachts
  • Hybrid sailboats
  • Tender boats
  • Ferries
  • Tugs
  • Other types of vessels on request
Services for all players in the shipping industry

Who do we support with our services?

Whether electric ships and hybrid vessels, fleets or individual projects, the demand is high. We are doing our part to help meet the challenge of zero-emission shipping. We support various players in the shipping industry.

  • Shipping companies and shipyards

  • Ship owners

  • Private individuals

  • Cruise companies

  • Transport companies

  • Companies and groups

RINA-compliant implementation possible

Electric and hybrid ships are among the key approaches to reducing emissions in maritime transport. We can implement your projects in the commercial sector in a RINA-compliant manner if required. Contact us!

RINA GERMANY is a recognised organisation that carries out inspections and issues legally required certificates. The classification requirements are laid down in the "RINA Regulations for the Classification of Ships".

Technologies for alternative drives: Ship drive types

The combustion engine is a discontinued model. What is the ship drive of the future? In addition to all-electric drives, there are also hybrid models. Ships with hybrid propulsion can run on electricity as well as on a combustion engine. The batteries provide additional energy when needed. The all-electric drive works with the energy from batteries. Another technology is hybrid hydrogen ship propulsion.

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