High Voltage Power Distribution

The Key to Innovative High-Voltage Commercial Vehicles
and Maritime Applications

High Voltage Power Distribution

The Key to Innovative High-Voltage Commercial Vehicles and Maritime Applications

Your Partner for Electromobility Pioneers, PDUs, and High-Voltage Cabling

Are you in the business of designing and producing high-voltage commercial vehicles, or do you supply manufacturers for high-voltage applications? If so, you recognize the critical importance of efficient and dependable high voltage power distribution. Our clients prioritize precision, reliability, and tailor-made solutions. in-Tec Bensheim thoroughly understands these demands and is your go-to expert in this arena.

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Benefits of High Voltage Power Distribution

  • Peak Efficiency: Optimal energy flow ensures both economic viability and top-tier performance.
  • Future-Proofing: In a swiftly evolving sector, it's essential to adopt technologies that will remain relevant.
  • Flexibility: Whether for urban commuting or long-distance transportation, we craft solutions tailored to your distinct needs.

Comprehensive Service and Expertise in High Voltage Power Distribution

Every vehicle, every project has its unique set of requirements. That's why you need an ally who grasps not just the tech but also your specific demands surrounding high voltage power distribution. in-Tec Bensheim provides everything your company might need, from consulting and development to actual production. In the intricate realm of high voltage power distribution, it's paramount to have a partner who knows the market inside out and offers bespoke solutions. in-Tec Bensheim supports businesses not just with advice but spans the entire gamut of HV cabling with its profound expertise and experience. From prototyping and mass production to specialized system development — all under one roof.


Together, into an electrifying future

At in-Tec Bensheim, we blend expertise in high-voltage applications with personalized consultation. From choosing the right connector and cable diameter to specialized HV cabling - we're your dependable partner. Our tailored Power Distribution Units (PDUs) ensure optimal power distribution for electric and hybrid vehicles. Our services are rounded out with innovative On-Board Charger cables and secure battery module connectors. And with our Breakout Boxes, you'll always have precise control over your HV electrical system. We look forward to connecting with you!

The transformation of the commercial vehicle industry is in full swing. With our deep-seated expertise, cutting-edge technology, and a keen eye for the industry's needs, we stand as the linchpin for your prosperous future in high-voltage mobility.

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