High-voltage PDU test bench and PDU quality assurance

Our solution for thorough testing of your customised high-voltage power distribution units

High-voltage PDU test bench and PDU quality assurance

Our solution for thorough testing of your customised high-voltage power distribution units

High-voltage test station for thorough testing

Our test bench for high-voltage power distribution units is the solution for companies that expect a thorough examination of their custom-made HV PDUs. Testing occurs during the development and manufacturing processes of the PDUs to ensure they meet the highest standards. On the test bench, we can test PDUs of any size and capacity, regardless of the type of PDU configuration or the shape of the enclosure.

High voltage

Assembling HV cables

Combine high-voltage connector systems and high-voltage cables from different manufacturers according to your needs. Whether as a "pigtail" or ready-made cable set.

Individual examinations

High-voltage PDUs are an indispensable component for the future of electromobility. But how can we ensure that PDUs work properly and reliably? Intensive testing is part of the manufacturing process. Our team carries out various tests to ensure that you have the best product solution that fulfils all requirements and regulations. The test bench can be customised according to the measurement requirements.

High-voltage test station for power distribution units

Our high-voltage power distribution solutions are used individually in various electric and hybrid applications for manufacturers of mobile machinery, special-purpose and commercial vehicles. The HV PDUs we develop and manufacture have to withstand high loads later on. With our test workstations, customers can be sure that their PDUs are thoroughly inspected and tested for performance and safety. We use computer-based tests to ensure quality.

Parameters such as voltage, current and temperature are measured to ensure that they are within the specified limits. In this way, reliable power distribution is tested. The function of the protective circuits is also tested to ensure that they interrupt the circuit in the event of an overload and guarantee safety.

Why do high-voltage PDUs need to be tested?

A high-voltage PDU consists of various components, all of which play an important role in the function of the PDU. It distributes power safely, reliably and efficiently from a high-voltage battery module to the high-voltage systems of a vehicle. The functions of the PDU protect and monitor the operation of the high-voltage system.

Thorough testing of every component is essential to ensure that the PDU functions properly and operates reliably. With our high-voltage PDU test bench, you can be sure that every component of your PDUs is thoroughly tested and inspected to ensure they meet the highest quality standards.

Development and safe product solution from a single source

With our high-voltage PDU test bench, you not only receive a thorough test of your PDUs, but also improved safety for your project. Our testing ensures that your PDUs function reliably. In addition, you can be sure that your PDUs meet the highest performance standards and thus ensure smooth power distribution.

Custom HV PDU - We look forward to your enquiry

If you need customised and tailor-made HV PDUs, we are your experts. Our HV PDUs offer customisable system integration of:

  • DC/DC conversion

  • On-board charging

  • Pre-charging functions

  • Current and voltage measurement

  • Integrated insulation monitoring

  • Shielding

Do you have special requirements for your power distribution unit? Let us find the optimum solution together.

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