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On-Board Charger Cabling

in-Tec Bensheim produces individual, ready-to-use on-board charger cabling

On-board charger cables connect the charging socket of the electric vehicle with the on-board charger module. in-Tec Bensheim assembles charging sockets of the "Type 2" and "Combo 2"(CCS) standards.

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  • Prototype production
  • Serial production
  • Quality check
  • Material procurement
  • Stockpiling

IEC 62196 Type 2

In 2013, the EU Commission determined the “Type 2” connector system to be the standard for electric vehicle charging at European charging points. Generally speaking, the system is designed for charging with alternating current (AC). Tesla is the only brand to use it, in a slightly modified form, for charging its superchargers with direct current (DC).

Depending on the power source, a voltage of up to 400 V at a maximum of 32 A can be achieved by using the 3-phase outer conductors. This leads to a charging capacity of up to 12 kW.

Plug type 2 has three outer conductor contacts L1, L2 and L3, one contact for the neutral conductor and one contact for the protective contact (PE). The PP contact (Proximity Pilot, also referred to as Plug Present), detects the presence of the plug in the charging socket. Control signals between electric vehicle and electric filling station can be exchanged via the CP (Control Pilot).

Combined Charging System – Combo 2

The Combo 2 plug-in system is based on type 2 and also has two DC charging contacts. These allow a rapid DC charge with up to 100 kW (max. 125 A at 850 V). AC charging with type 2 plug is also possible, thanks to the architecture.

In the EU, Combo 2 has been specified as the standard connector for charging capacities above 3.6 kW for alternating current and above 22 kW for direct current.