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Concepts for the Cabling of Electric Vehicles

in-Tec Bensheim provides consultation and plans the complete cabling used for the electrification of drives.

The mobile market is changing dramatically. Particularly in the commercial vehicle sector, vehicles with electric drive are being developed away from the major production lines and, whenever possible, existing vehicle lines are being converted.

Therefore, high-voltage cables with power requirements exceeding 12 KW are becoming increasingly important for electrical drive trains. The voltage level and the transmittable current magnitude are divided into corresponding power classes. 400 volts and 250 amperes are commonly used for passenger cars, and up to 800 volts and up to 600 amperes for commercial vehicles.

We support companies and suppliers from both the automotive and commercial vehicle industry in the development of cabling concepts for high-voltage vehicle electrical systems. Regardless of whether this involves retrofitting existing drive systems or developing solutions for new products.

In-Tec also designs and produces on-board networks and components for hydrogen fuel cell drives, in addition to supporting you in the development of fuel cell vehicles (FCEV).

Safe Connections of Loads and Components in HV and LV Vehicle Electrical Systems

Not only the HV connection of the hybrid and electric vehicles’ droves with high-voltage cables and high-voltage connection technologies is important. Other components such as onboard-chargers, battery management or driver comfort systems also need to be connected safely. In addition to the connections in the high-voltage vehicle electrical system, we also plan the integration and cabling of the LV vehicle electrical system or the installation of the high-voltage-PDU (Power Distribution Unit).

Concepts for HV Cabling in Accordance with VDA Standards

The connection techniques in the HV area need to be designed for high current intensities but also need to be easy to handle. The systems are complex and the demands, when it comes to reliability of the individual components and their interfaces, are high. The individual product requirements for high-voltage connectors are defined in the delivery specifications of the German car manufacturers LV214, LV215 and LV216. The US-Car 2 and US-Car 37 specify the requirements for the North American market. Of course, it goes without saying that we will take these requirements into account when planning your specific project and its requirements.

With knowledge and in-depth expertise, we help partners from the mobile industry in the development and production of individual solutions for high-voltage connections.

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We support our partners in the development phase; provide consultation on the selection of suitable components; produce prototypes; accompany the test phase and pre-series and, finally, the series production phase - depending on the support you require.

Walter Müller, Head of Development HV