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Manufacturing of Battery Module Connectors

in-Tec Bensheim ensures a simple and safe connection of your high-voltage memory modules.

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You do not need any assembly material for the high-voltage connecting cables produced by us. The connections are simply plugged onto the pin assembled on the battery module. A fuse prevents accidental disconnection of the connection.

As with all HV connections, the production of battery connectors is also subject to specific factory standards. Connector systems are exposed to high thermal and mechanical stress, which thus means they have to be resistant to temperature, weather and ageing. Due to the pulsed high voltage in hybrid or electric vehicles, electromagnetic shielding properties (EMC) of the cable harness, with its HV cables and connectors, are of particular importance. Electromagnetic shielding properties need to be verifiably measurable with high accuracy, and the measurement results need to be reproducible.

Assured Quality

Before delivering to our customers, the battery module connectors are tested by a fully automatic high-voltage tester with 2650 VAC/3750 VDC.

Properties of our high-voltage battery module connector

  • Individual selection of cables and lengths
  • Simple and safe assembly
  • Assured quality

Our services at a glance

  • Prototype production
  • Serial production
  • Material procurement
  • Stockpiling