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High-voltage cable configurator

Configure and order your preferred high-voltage cabling now.

Assembly of high-voltage cables for electric vehicles

in-Tec Bensheim has specialised in high-voltage connectors and high-voltage lines in accordance with the VDA standard, which ensures the safe transmission of the corresponding currents and controls the applied voltages.

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Your partner for large and small volumes in high-voltage cable production

Low volume, high mix: Producing prototypes in small volumes of up to 50 units is just as much a part of in-Tec Bensheim’s daily business as is large-volume serial production. We develop customised solutions in cooperation with the customer if samples are not available yet.

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Our Services, Your Benefits

  • Expert consultation and complete draft of high-voltage cabling
  • Production of cabling systems that are ready for serial production - also for harsh application areas
  • Production in accordance with VDA guideline audits, pursuant to LV 123
  • Sample deliveries in short time
  • Rapid reaction times
  • Processing of cables belonging to the brands Huber + Suhner, Coroplast, LEONI or other brands, in line with your specifications, up to cross sections of 120 mm² and with a temperature resistance of up to 180° C
  • Processing of HV connectors with protection class IP67 / IP6k9k, for temperatures ranging from -40° C up to 140° C and for currents up to 750 A / 1,000 V in different versions
  • Documentation plans of the cabling concept for follow-up orders
  • Material procurement and stockpiling

Our equipment for certified quality

Our equipment ensures the development, production and monitoring of high-voltage plug-in systems in accordance with the VDA standard. For applications such as a 3-phase drive train or a 2-pole battery train, accessories are available for conductor sizes 25, 35, 50, 70, 95, and 120 square millimetres, as well as an application for shield crimping. Cross-sections of 2.5 to 16 square millimetres are possible for the charging train and peripheral devices.

We use two press systems: hydraulic presses (HV crimp press), with a capacity up to 15 tons, and an eccentric press, with a press force of 20 tons. This equipment also allows crimping with corresponding crimping dies from 120 to 400 square millimetres, for predominantly unshielded cables. The tool geometry ranges from hexagonal, to semi-circular with a dimple, right up to WM shape.

Pigtail or complete system

The high-voltage modules can be designed as a pigtail version, attached on one side, or as a finished version on both sides - also with different plug systems. Versions with pilot contacts (high-voltage interlock) can be equipped with customer-specific lines and terminals in the inliner as well as on the header.

An appropriate shielding prevents the emission of electromagnetic waves (EMC). The complex systems are exposed to high thermal and mechanical loads and need to be resistant to temperature, weather and ageing.

Quality assurance of HV components

Prior to delivery, the high-voltage assemblies are tested by a fully automatic high-voltage tester with 2650 VAC/3750 VDC.

The production of safe high-voltage cablings concepts is a challenge requires plenty of experience. Individual requirements for connectors and cables are also defined in the LV214, LV215 and LV216 delivery specifications of German car manufacturers. The US-Car 2 and US-Car 37 specify the requirements for the North American market.

Low-voltage cabling

Being a specialist in cable assembly, it goes without saying that we also ensure secure cable connections in the low-voltage range, regardless of whether for the assembly of cable harnesses for the LV board network or for HV control units. We develop integrated cabling solutions for your project.

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Configuration of high-voltage lines

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