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High-voltage power for the manoeuvring area

in-Tec Bensheim produces high-voltage cabling and PDU for Kalmar Motor AB’s TBL 190, all-electric aircraft tractor

Customer: Kalmar Motor AB
Product: TBL 190 towbarless aircraft tractor

  • High-voltage cabling: consultation & production
  • Power Distribution Unit (PDU): consultation, optimisation, production

Kalmar Motor is one of the leading manufacturers of aircraft tugs. In 1989, the Swedish company developed and introduced the first towbarless (TBL) tug. Towbarless tugs allow coupling without the need to lift or move the aircraft. To this day, this remains a novelty, which is only offered by Kalmar Motors’ aircraft tugs. With the TBL 190, Kalmar now also produces a purely electrically-powered aircraft tug.

in-Tec Bensheim accompanied this project from the very beginning. The Bensheim-based company supported Kalmar in developing and selecting materials and assembled the prototypes for HV cabling. In the meantime, in-Tec manufactures the HV cable harnesses in serial production. Not only the cables outgoing from the PDU are produced, but also the connectors for the battery modules (battery module connectors). Connectors from TE and Amphenol are processed as well as cables from Coroplast, in a variety of cross-sections.

Apart from the high-voltage cable harnesses, in-Tec Bensheim also produces the power distribution units for the TBL 190. The PDUs’ architecture was specified by the customer. in-Tec also supported the customer in selecting the materials and now makes the boxes for the Swedish company in serial production.